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Highlights for your garden maintenance in Berlin

We provide professional garden maintenance in private gardens and WEG gardens. For lawn care, we use first-class fertiliser that produces a lush green after a short time. In addition, we are happy to offer weed and pest control for your green spaces. All service documentation is done transparently and on the same day. Appointments for the first viewing are available from us on a regular basis.

Ground Care

Ground garden maintenance is carried out on a daily basis or as required. We take care of the disposal of green waste directly. To keep the noise level as low as possible and to protect the environment, we use modern and low-emission work equipment. Emergency assignments at short notice are possible.

Lawn Care

Lawn care basically includes regular scarifying and fertilising of the green area. In addition, we also offer a professional soil analysis. Based on this analysis, the perfect nutrients and fertilisers can be compiled for your lawn.

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Our Working Method

Garden maintenance: Together we will get your green spaces in shape!

There are plenty of reasons to have your garden professionally maintained. Perhaps you have just renovated or built a new garden and want it to retain its new shine for as long as possible? Or your garden is simply outdated and needs a new visual approach? We can provide you with detailed and comprehensive advice on all aspects of garden maintenance.



When it comes to garden irrigation, we want to act in a way that promotes growth as well as being environmentally friendly. Benefit from our smart-gardening system. A computer-controlled irrigation system ensures economic and effective plant well-being.


Winter Road Maintenance

We not only make your garden winter-proof, but also ensure ice- and snow-free paths in the outdoor facilities of your Berlin housing area. In accordance with the obligation to ensure road safety, walkable communal areas in the outdoor facilities are essential. We look forward to your enquiry.


Hedge Trimming

Extensive hedge cutting is only allowed from October to February. Minor hedge work, however, is permitted all year round. We are happy to bring your hedges back into shape. We take care of the green waste disposal on site, so you don’t have to worry about the cuttings.


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What Makes Us Special

The garden maintenance company from Berlin

We meet the growing demands in garden maintenance with technical know-how and first-class employees. Regular garden maintenance is a daily challenge not only in large properties, but also in small and medium-sized ones. Our company philosophy is based on quality, reliability, trust and commitment. Detailed advice and regular quality checks are a matter of course for us.



We place a lot of value on qualified employees. Do you come from Berlin and already have experience in garden maintenance? We are happy to hire committed and motivated staff!


Comprehensive advice on your garden maintenance or garden design is a matter of course for us. We are always at your side with advice and practical help. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Exterior Facilities

A well-maintained outdoor area makes a positive first impression when entering the property. Consequently, regular maintenance is required to keep the outdoor area visually attractive.

Housing Area

Housing Areas in Berlin also need regular garden maintenance. We look after the properties reliably and give the residents an extra feel-good factor.

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We are pleased to answer some questions below that we are frequently asked by customers. Your question is not included? We will be happy to answer you via our contact form. Alternatively, we can also be reached by phone and email.

According to the Income Tax Act, household-related services are tax-deductible. Whether your order qualifies as a household-related service is not within our sphere of competence. If you would like to deduct our invoices for tax purposes, you should clarify this in advance with tax specialists.

We always strive for open and respectful communication with our customers. You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. If mistakes happen that cause your dissatisfaction, let us talk about it. Let us know immediately. Only through honest and open communication can we continuously improve our services.

Yes, of course. Regular garden maintenance takes time and patience. Our service contracts document the regular operations at your property, which are discussed in advance. At this point, recurring garden maintenance work such as lawn care, hedge trimming or weed removal is recorded so that you benefit from regular care. Of course, we will take your wishes into account. Emergency assignments at short notice are also possible.

We are regularly looking for qualified and trustworthy employees. Are you a gardener from Berlin? Or would you like to recommend a diligent employee to us? Then please feel free to contact us.

The depth of the garden pond depends on whether fish are to be added later. For a garden pond without fish, a depth of 80 cm is sufficient. If fish are to be added later, a minimum depth of 120 cm is required. Here, however, the needs of the fish are different, which is why you should inform yourself in advance about the animals living in the garden pond.

A flowering garden is certainly not possible in winter. Most plants go into a kind of hibernation during the cold season, which is noticeable in dull colour pictures. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions in nature: True jasmine blooms in a beautiful yellow in winter and some species of Christmas rose can also open its flowers in winter under the protection of trees.